I’ve published continuously for the last three decades, in such journals as Green Mountains Review, American Letters & Commentary, New Orleans Review, Guernica, Iowa Review, Witness, Prairie Schooner, North American Review, Massachusetts Review, and Plume. Read some of my work here:

“Love Song”

Love Song

“The Raft of the Medusa: after Théodore Géricault; aux naufragés

“Zuihitsu for My Mother’s Breasts,” “Reruns and Premonitions of September, 1974,” “The Rain”

“Limestone Ghazal”


“The Little Girl Who Lives in the Palace Square,” “Firewood Gathering”

“New Orleans Lullaby”

“Motion Studies [‘The worst part about driving in a storm’],” “My Father’s Studio, 2005,” “The Halloween Poem”

“Nine Postcards”

“A Cento of the Garbage Patch”

“The Boys of Slender Means,” “La Ronde,” “On Forms”

“Berry-Picking,” “Field Trip, Barataria Preserve”

Ten poems at the Louisiana Poetry Project: